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St. Anthony's Sleep Disorder Center

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Company: St. Anthony's Sleep Disorder Center
Product: Sleep Center
Format: Bulletins

“Overall it was a successful campaign that benefited the center and hospital.” Meagan Lurcott, Marketing Coordinator

The Challenge

St. Anthony’s Hospital has a constant need to defend market share and build awareness for its various programs and events within the Pinellas County market. Most recently, the hospital’s Sleep Disorder Center needed an awareness boost.

The Solution

For the past two years, Clear Channel Outdoor has recommended an integrated product plan including a #25 GRP Poster Showing in Pinellas County and a high-profile permanent bulletin located on Interstate 275 heading south towards the hospital location. Because of the ease and flexibility of changing designs, the poster showing generally supports the various hospital events and programs, such as the Sleep Center. The I-275 bulletin serves to bolster overall brand awareness and location information.

The Results

Since the start of the Sleep Disorder Center campaign, roughly 15-20 people have become patients of the Sleep Disorder Center. Those patients have brought in over $48,000.