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Introducing Clear Channel Connect – uniting mobile and OOH to engage consumers with brands.

In our hyper-connected, on the go world, consumers want to connect with your brand on their terms. Clear Channel has the solution.

Young woman downloading a ring toneConnect, is Clear Channel Outdoor’s worldwide interactive mobile advertising platform.

Using NFC technology, QR codes and SMS, Connect lets brands align their mobile strategy with their outdoor campaigns in 28 U.S. markets, including 9 of the top 10 DMAs. Now you can reach mobile consumers with visually impactful and stimulating out-of-home media that drives engagement and deeper, more measurable brand experiences.

Connect provides seamless integration between out-of-home and mobile, helping advertisers and their agencies activate mobile strategies fit for the real world. If your mobile advertising strategy needs amplification, Connect is the answer.

Whatever your campaign goals, Connect is flexible to help you attain them by facilitating a range of offers such as:

  • Shopping: ‘buy-now’ capabilities, discounts / coupons, special offers
  • Information: search, maps, location-relevant, utility
  • Entertainment: gaming, video, photos, music and app downloads
  • Sharing experiences: social media integration, text/IM

Men using a MSN mobile bus shelter Best of all, Connect is location aware so your campaign has the ultimate relevance. Let us help you create a Connect campaign customized by city, neighborhood or even individual site.

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