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Clear Channel Outdoor New to OOH

New to Out-of-Home?

For more than a century, Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO) has helped build businesses and tell brand stories with out-of-home (OOH) advertising. Whether you’re an OOH novice or a long-time advertiser, our team of OOH experts are here to help with all your OOH questions and needs.
Clear Channel Outdoor building brands

Continuing a legacy of building brands

From building brand awareness to driving in-store visits, we’re here to help deliver outcomes that positively impact your business. At a time when some consumers are experiencing digital burnout, OOH billboard advertising provides innovative and creative ways for brands to drive their messages to their desired consumers. A recent Harris Poll reported that 85% of respondents said they find OOH ads useful to them. That speaks to OOH’s ability to connect with consumers along their daily journeys. Whether or not you’ve ever included OOH in your media mix, our team is ready to share with you how our medium can help other media work harder and help you drive business results. OOH is easy to plan and buy.

Source: OAAA, The Harris Poll, 2022

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Clear Channel Outdoor how we plan

How we plan, amplify, and measure

Today’s modern marketers expect to reach the right audiences, measure and understand campaign impact, and optimize based on learnings, and to do so with flexibility, speed, and transparency. To keep up with the changing needs and expectations of advertisers, our Clear Channel Outdoor RADAR suite of data solutions helps marketers more effectively plan, measure, and amplify the impact of their OOH campaigns. RADAR analyzes aggregated and/or anonymous mobile location data to understand where people go and what they do in the physical world, and the role OOH plays in influencing consumer behavior.

Additionally, by leveraging our data and measurement capabilities with RADAR, we have more than 100 case studies that demonstrate the results our customers have had by adding OOH to their media mix. These success stories show the efficacy of OOH advertising and give an understanding of the role OOH plays in influencing consumer behavior.

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demographics and cco mentorship programs

Consumers engage with OOH

77% of consumers in large cities have recently engaged with an OOH ad


OOH investment drives ROI

Every dollar spent on OOH generates an average of nearly $6 in product sales

OOH goes beyond roadside

Leverage a variety of media formats across 60+ commercial airports nationwide

Source: OAAA, The Harris Poll, 2022; Omnicom Benchmarketing, OOH ROI & Optimization in Media Mix, 2017
Clear Channel Outdoor creative possibilities

Creative possibilities

OOH’s big, bold canvases provide the ideal space for many brands to tell their stories. And at CCO, we have full-service creative teams across the U.S. that can help you bring your brand messages to life. From printed billboards and digital displays to campaigns leveraging today’s breakthrough technologies, you’ll have our full support in developing a successful out-of-home campaign. We’ll share our myriad creative capabilities like 2D extensions, 3D props, 3D anamorphic images, augmented reality, and more. And if you need creative inspiration, we can share examples from our archive of over 1.3MM campaign images dating back to the early 20th century.

Clear Channel Outdoor industry terms

OOH industry terms

Like every industry, media in general and OOH advertising more specifically, have a language all their own. Couple that with terms that are unique to Clear Channel Outdoor, and you may need a guide to help you learn our language. What are the meanings of reach and frequency? What is a Premiere Panel®? What’s a flight? To help you gain a deep understanding of the world of OOH, we’ve compiled a list of commonly used terms. We hope this helps, and please reach out to us directly if you have questions. We’re only a click away.

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