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RADAR Privacy Supplement

Last updated: January 2, 2024


Clear Channel Outdoor, LLC ("CCO”, "we", "us", or "our"), our parents, our subsidiaries, and our affiliate companies are committed to safeguarding and maintaining the privacy of your ("you", "your", “users” or "visitor") personal information. This RADAR privacy supplement (the "RADARPrivacySupplement") supplements the CCO Privacy Statement, available at https://clearchanneloutdoor.com/privacy, and describes additional ways in which CCO receives, protects, shares, uses, stores, and disposes of personal information in relation to our RADAR suite of products, including RADARView, RADARProof,RADARConnect, and RADARSync (each and all referred to herein as "RADAR").
For more information about the RADAR suite of products, please visit: https://clearchanneloutdoor.com/radar-data-solutions/
This RADAR Privacy Supplement also explains important choices available to you concerning our handling of and rights available to you regarding your personal information processed in relation to the RADAR suite of products.

Quick Guide to Contents

1. What Personal Information We Collect

We receive and develop several categories of personal information about you in the context of the RADAR suite of products, depending on the nature of your interactions with us:
Internet Browser, Usage, and Device Information:  We receive, from our data providers, IP addresses, MAIDS, or other device identifiers (each a "Device Identifier") and aggregated audience behavior that may be tied to the Device Identifier.
Location Data: We receive, from our data providers, the general location of individuals’ mobile devices ("Location Data"), as well as zip code.  Location Data may be connected to their Device Identifier.  We also receive precise geolocation in certain circumstances described in the “Sensitive Personal Information” section below.
Hashed Email: We receive, from our data providers, hashed email addresses. We can't see or use your actual email address, just an alphanumeric representation for identification and association purposes.
Sensitive Personal Information: If an individual chooses to turn on their Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or other geolocation functionality when they use a third party’s website or mobile application, or when an individual uses their mobile device, the site, application, or device may collect, infer, and/or use more precise geolocation data. If the individual has consented, the third party that collected their precise geolocation may share the precise geolocation with CCO for use in our RADAR suite of products. 
Inferences: Using the other pieces of personal information we process about individuals, we develop aggregated inferences that reflect what we believe to be their observed online and offline behaviors, interests, and demographics.

2. How We Use Personal Information

We use the personal information we process about you in the context of the RADAR suite of products for various business purposes, including:
Internal Business Purposes: We aggregate your personal information with the information of others to profile CCO out of home media inventory and to develop audience-based media plans. We also use personal information to act in good faith to maintain the privacy and security of our products, services, and platforms.
Provide RADAR: We aggregate your personal information with the information of others to: profile CCO out of home media inventory; measure, score, and analyze effectiveness and impact of out of home media; provide our products and services, such as to extend the reach of out of home media to online advertisements; and perform data analytics and create summarized campaign reporting.

3. When and How We Collect Personal Information

CCO out of home media does not collect any personal information directly from you in relation to our RADAR suite of products.  Rather, we receive licensed data in aggregated and/or anonymous formats from data providers to enable us to perform our RADAR services.

4. Third Party Collection of Personal Information

Our third-party partners, including Tapad, Inc., may set and/or access cookies or other data collection technology which collect information (not including your name, address, or telephone number) about your visits to this and other websites, mobile websites and/or mobile applications across your various devices, in order to match those devices together by creating a profile revealing likely associations of, or connections between, them. That profile is used to determine that you are likely to be the same user visiting the websites or applications on different devices, and to provide more tailored advertising, marketing, measurement, analytics, and research about goods and services of interest to you across those various devices. If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices with respect to it, please refer to the relevant third parties' privacy policies. Tapad's privacy notice is available at https://www.tapad.com/global-privacy-notice.

5. We Share Your Personal Information

The personal information we process about you in the context of the RADAR suite of products may be shared by us in accordance with this RADAR Privacy Supplement, as described below. In addition to sharing anonymous, aggregate online and offline behaviors, user statistics and demographic information as described in this RADAR Privacy Supplement, we also share personal information under the following circumstances:
With Service Providers: In order to fulfill your requests, provide certain features and services for our customers, and respond to your inquiries, we may share your information with other parties who perform functions on our behalf, such as companies that: host or operate our data platform, analyze data, perform data matching services for us, and/or provide customer service.
With our Business Customers: We share device identifiers, along with aggregated user and demographic statistics, with business customers that use our RADAR products and services, or with their service providers on their behalf. 

6. Your Privacy Choices

In addition to your privacy choices and privacy rights described in the CCO Privacy Statement, you may opt out of CCO’s usage of your personal information within RADAR by looking up your mobile advertising ID on your mobile device and providing it to CCO here: https://web.clearchanneloutdoor.com/en/radar-privacy-statement.
To determine your mobile advertising ID for Apple iOS, also known as IDFA, you must use a third-party application, as iOS will not display IDFA natively. A list of third-party applications for viewing IDFA can be found here: https://www.apple.com/us/search/idfa?src=serp
For Android devices: Please go to Settings » Security & Privacy » More Privacy Settings » Ads.  Your mobile advertising ID can be found at the bottom of the screen.  
Any opt outs will be reflected 90 days after the opt out request is made.

7. Retention of Your Personal Information

We will retain your personal information (including your sensitive personal information) and any communications you send to us, as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes described in this RADAR Privacy Supplement, and for a commercially reasonable time thereafter for backup, archival, fraud prevention or detection, audit purposes, or as required by law. We rely on the following criteria to determine the appropriate retention periods:
  • The necessity of the information to provide our services to our customers;
  • The types and sensitivity of personal information being processed;
  • Regulatory requirements that we are subject to, including laws and regulations related to tax, employment, accounting, and securities; and
  • Whether a legal claim might be brought against us, for which the information would be relevant.

8. United States Only

RADAR utilizes data only for individuals located in the United States of America and subject to U.S. law. Your personal information may be stored and processed in any country where we are located or in which we engage service providers, using legal mechanisms to do so. Please note, in some countries, government, legal, or regulatory agencies may access or disclose your personal information under authority of law.

9. Changes to this RADAR Privacy Supplement

We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to update and change this RADAR Privacy Supplement, from time to time, and it shall take effect upon the posting of the revised RADAR Privacy Supplement. 

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