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Programmatic Advertising

Flexible. Efficient. Scalable.
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A familiar digital channel is available in digital out-of-home (DOOH)

Programmatic DOOH provides the flexibility and speed of online display advertising while delivering the reach and impact of out-of-home (OOH) media. DOOH programmatically leverages the same data and technology as traditional digital advertising to automate and optimize much of the planning and buying processes. But the reality is that the people, empowered by data and technology, are what drive the programmatic ecosystem. At Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO), our consultative, dedicated programmatic sales team is ready to give guidance and partner with advertisers to best use programmatic DOOH to deliver measurable results and campaign impact.

Programmatic Digital

Programmatic advertising is efficient and flexible

Ninety percent of Clear Channel’s premium digital inventory in airports and 80% at roadside can be purchased programmatically through an automated real-time bidding process. Our customers can buy our DOOH through demand side platforms (DSPs) that complete buying transactions in real time. With more than 20 DSP partners, CCO customers with omnichannel buying strategies can buy our DOOH inventory from the same marketplaces where they buy mobile, search, video, and digital display ads. This allows for true customer efficiency, flexibility, and optimization of results.

You might want to buy programmatically for:

Dynamic content capabilities

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We can quickly make changes to your digital messages based on data triggers like weather, time of day, traffic information, and more

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Live updates can be delivered to your audience via your DOOH ads, including dynamically updated content like sports scores, news headlines, weather updates, and more

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Social media, including content posts that are moderated for brand safety, can be directly integrated into your DOOH ads, helping your brand further connect with your audience and drive social activity and impact

Working with more than 20 DSP partners gives you options

Adelphic • Adform • Adomni • AdQuick • Campsite • Displayce • Google/Dv360 • Hivestack • Nexxen • OneView • OutMoove • Pulsepoint • Quotient • Simplifi • Sito • StackAdapt • The Trade Desk • Vistar Media • Xander • Yahoo • Zeta
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Programmatic and direct buying complement each other and are measurable

Our programmatic sales team works closely with our traditional sales team to make sure we understand our customers’ needs, how you want to transact with us, and how we can leverage all of our capabilities to best serve you and deliver your desired results. And just like with our traditional sales channel, CCO RADARProof can measure the impact of programmatic DOOH campaigns. Our studies can provide data to our customers mid-flight as well as after a campaign is completed, allowing you to understand how the campaign performs and giving actionable insights that can be applied to drive better performance.

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