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Clear Channel OutdoorRADARProof

Measure your out-of-home (OOH) campaigns to understand impact and optimize performance.
Evaluate your campaign’s impact with RADARProof

Evaluate your campaign’s impact with RADARProof

RADARProof is our suite of data attribution solutions. It provides the ability to answer the question “Did my campaign work?” and helps us understand why the advertising worked by uncovering actionable insights that we can use to potentially improve results for future campaigns. By comparing the actions taken by consumers exposed to OOH campaigns to those who’ve not been exposed, RADARProof helps advertisers understand the overall effectiveness and value of our OOH advertising solutions.
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Measure a wide range of business objectives with RADARProof

When we first launched our RADARProof platform, we started with more traditional measurements for our customers, including store visitation, purchase intent, and brand awareness. Over the years, we’ve continued to innovate to be able to connect exposure to out-of-home ads to a wide range of other behaviors like app downloads, online engagement, TV viewership, website visits, product purchases, and more. We’ve worked with customers in a variety of verticals from CPG to auto to streaming video, to name a few.
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We can now measure upper, middle, and lower funnel behaviors with RADARProof

We’ve been successful in delivering innovative measurement solutions that drive key brand objectives for our customers. With 100+ case studies over the past six years, we’ve:
• Proven OOH’s ability to drive consumer visits to retail stores, quick service and fast casual restaurants, auto dealerships, and more.
• Learned how OOH drives not just online behavior and app downloads, but also app usage and new and repeat orders.
• Gained insights into OOH’s impact on specific product purchases and household buying behavior.

How RADARProof works

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We use aggregated and/or anonymous mobile location data to identify consumers exposed to OOH.
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We then analyze the behaviors of consumers exposed to OOH to understand their likelihood to take actions like visiting a store, responding to a survey, or downloading an app.
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The exposed consumers’ behaviors are then compared to those not exposed to the OOH campaign, providing understanding of how OOH exposure impacts consumer behavior.
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Finally, a detailed report is run, showcasing the impact of the OOH campaign while providing insights into what drove consumers’ responses to the OOH ads.

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