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Clear Channel Outdoor partnership


At Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO), we’re intentional in the way we forge partnerships with brand marketers, advertising agencies, and business owners big or small. Our high-touch approach and our smart solutions are the currency we use to build mutually beneficial alliances. Together, we create effective out-of-home (OOH) campaigns that drive sales, build brand awareness, influence consumer behavior, and impact offline and online engagement.
Clear Channel Outdoor and Advertisers

Building brands. Generating revenue.

We have been helping to build brands for more than a century. From creating an out-of-home (OOH) campaign in a single market to launching a national campaign, our regional sales, marketing, and creative teams are with you every step of the way. Our world-class service begins with a thorough assessment of your needs. Then, we leverage our extensive knowledge of the markets where you want to be, and we lean on the advanced capabilities of our proprietary CCO RADAR suite of data solutions to build campaigns that achieve your marketing goals. The impact that our approach has had on campaign outcomes is illustrated in more than one hundred case studies, proving the efficacy of our customized solutions and know how, to drive desired results.

The Power of Partnership

Clear Channel Outdoor agencies

Agencies – A collaboration that delivers

Creating a partnership between agencies, their clients, and CCO is critical for creating custom campaigns that deliver effective results. To that end, we’ve expanded our traditional Account Executive model to include a dedicated Agency Partnership team. This highly collaborative group is charged with building relationships and facilitating collaboration between planning, research, creative, and buying teams. Their number one priority is to help streamline the process and ensure that every single detail of a campaign is calibrated to achieve maximum efficiency, maximum reach, and optimal results.
Clear Channel Outdoor markets

Marketers – Connecting brands and consumers

Brand marketers will find enthusiastic partners at CCO. In today’s fast-paced media world, we have our finger firmly planted on the pulse of an ever-shifting media landscape. That way, we can respond quickly to your changing needs. We’ll help you target and reach the right audience, with the flexibility to change messaging quickly, the ability to measure results accurately, and the insights required to understand the impact. And we do it all with speed and transparency. We match your advertising needs with our advanced capabilities. From our proprietary CCO RADAR suite of data solutions to our programmatic buying platform to our award-winning creative services teams, we have a plethora of smart solutions to deliver campaigns that drive the kind of performance you’re seeking.
Clear Channel Outdoor and small business

Small business is big business

At CCO, our small business partners are big business to us. We know you need to move fast and do it in a simple, flexible way that drives sales. And because budgets fluctuate, we respect how imperative it is for you to put your money behind advertising strategies that yield the best outcomes. Accordingly, our approach is led by automation, data analysis, and simplification of the buying process. We’re intentional about getting to know your needs. That way, we can match our creative support and customized solutions to your specific OOH advertising goals.
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