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Beverage Billboards Quench Consumers' Thirst for Cool Creative

Why is it we always discover we're thirsty once we're in the car and en route to our next destination? And then when the traffic hits -- hello, super-thirst! Thankfully, billboards offer refreshing, visual suggestions on what to drink and where to find it.
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Looking for a more recent update on billboard advertising for beverage brands? Explore Beverages Billboard Advertising.
Published June 1, 2018
According to Nielsen, 58% of consumers buy a product as a direct result of seeing an out-of-home ad 5x. Whether targeting daily commuters or those adventurous friends and families road-trippin' this summer, use outdoor advertising to blanket markets with cool creative and watch your beverage sales soar!
Here's why OOH is the right choice for your summer beverage campaign:

Increase Brand Awareness

OOH reaches consumers in the same half-hour as 68% of purchase decisions, and that's pretty evident as outdoor ads are everywhere consumers are. Promote new products & flavors with bold creative and messaging positioned in highly trafficked areas, such as airport terminals and local intersections. By posting distinct creative, as displayed by Red Bull and Fuze below, your brand will stay top of mind at point of purchase.

Engage Consumers with Unique Creative

3D extensions and embellishments not only turn heads (and get shared on Insta), they make drivers feel like they can almost taste the beverage. This summer, go out of the box and make your billboard part of the consumer journey -- one they will remember.
Bulletin Extensions
Bulletin Extensions

Digital Billboards Update in Real-Time

With conditional triggers tied to your campaign, your brand can share special deals based on time of day. There are many of us that NEED that latte after 12pm. By utilizing contextual messaging around location and temperature, your brand will intuitively spark a deeper connection and drive consumer action.
Digital Bulletin

Drive Consumers to Purchase Points

Over 80% of consumers purchase drinks in physical store locations. Use Clear Channel Outdoor RADAR as a tool to select billboards in close proximity to grocery stores and big box retailers, and support partners with co-branded creative. To amplify your campaign, retarget those consumers with mobile ads, mirroring the messaging commuters saw earlier on their drive.

Drink in more OOH creative with the beverage gallery below — as if you weren't thirsty enough!

Beverages Bulletin Coca Cola

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Interested in amplifying your beverage brand with billboard advertising this summer? From teas to seltzers and everything in between, beverages are a hot ticket item for beach-bound travelers, and we're here to help you put your brand in the spotlight. Whether by road, airport, or even public transit, we offer engaging billboard advertising options and nationwide coverage that puts your brand in front of its thirsty consumers.

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