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Campaign Reporting

Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO) is committed to making it as easy as possible for customers to track execution of campaigns, gain instant proof-of-performance data, download reports, and get visual verification that your advertising is in the marketplace and that your investment is working for you.
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More control when you want it

With CCO Clear Access, our reporting solution, we give you control of your campaign details when and where you want them. Know when your campaign creative is installed, see the types of displays (Bulletins, Transit Shelters, digital bulletins, Premiere Panels®, Posters, etc.) on which your brand message is running, understand the number of billboards in your campaign, and garner the respective number of impressions your campaign is delivering. 

The gateway to your campaign details in real time.

Clear Channel Outdoor content aligned at your fingertips

At your fingertips. At your service.

CCO Clear Access is one of the many ways you get more working with Clear Channel. Having easy access to your campaign details provides proof that your investment is performing as planned. And now, it’s all on demand. All in one location. All designed to give you more information and more insight into how our customized solutions are working to meet your business goals. Contact your CCO Account Representative with questions or for more information. 

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Our local teams of sales representatives, marketers, and creatives are ready to help with market research, competitive analysis, design, ideation, and campaign planning. Just complete the form to contact us.

Connect with your audience. Drive measurable results. Get more with Clear Channel Outdoor.

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