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OOH+mobile drives travelers back to Florida

  • 146% higher CTR than industry benchmark
  • Lift in subscribers
Clear Channel Outdoor Case Study OOH+mobile drives travelers back to Florida


Increase brand awareness and boost online engagement for Visit Gainesville as the state opened back up post-pandemic.


Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO) built an out-of-home (OOH) campaign that blanketed the I-75 corridor with a series of roadside displays. Interstate 75 is a heavily traveled highway with seven exits leading directly into Gainesville. The displays featured messages asking drivers to Stay, Dine, and Explore Gainesville. In combination with the OOH campaign, the plan layered in a CCO RADARConnect mobile campaign to retarget non-resident travelers that matched Florida Tourism Bureau audiences.


Despite the uncertainty of travel during the pandemic, the campaign delivered high-impact results. In areas covered by the campaign, the advertiser reported feedback from local establishments indicating an increase in business, and six additional businesses applied to be a part of a subsequent phase of the advertising campaign. 

146% higher CTR than industry benchmark

The campaign effectively engaged interstate travelers with messages enticing them to visit Gainesville for a day or longer. The CCO RADARConnect mobile retargeting campaign successfully drove online engagement, delivering a 0.32 click-through rate (CTR), 146% higher than the industry benchmark. 

Campaign drove sharp increase in subscribers

Another success story of the OOH+Mobile campaign was the increase in people signing up for the “What's Good” weekly event newsletter. The advertiser reported 250 sign-ups per month—significantly higher than prior to the OOH+Mobile campaign.
Source: CCO RADARConnect; Elizabeth Reyes, Sales and Marketing Manager; Visitors Convention Bureau, January 2022 
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