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Clear Channel Outdoor mayo clinic square

Mayo Clinic SquareAdvertising

Located in the heart of the Hennepin Theatre District in proximity to more than 300 restaurants, shops, and Fortune 500 companies, Mayo Clinic Square offers innovative out-of-home (OOH) advertising opportunities that impact millions.

Source: MPLS Downtown 
Clear Channel Outdoor mayo clinic square dynamic content

Mayo Clinic Square delivers

Clear Channel Outdoor’s (CCO) six full-motion billboards provide an unskippable digital experience in the heart of the downtown sports and entertainment districts in Minneapolis. Enhance campaigns with displays that sync, linking messages and dynamic capabilities such as weather, time triggers, and social media integration. Attract 600K+ visitors to Hennepin Theatre District and over 250K Minneapolis downtown workers and residents with billboards that over-index for high-income households and bar goers. 

Source: MPLS Downtown; Twin Cities Pioneer Press; Hennepin Theatre Trust; RADARView, 2022 

Power your brand at Mayo Clinic Square

Clear Channel Outdoor mayo clinic square digital full motion billboards

Impactful digital opportunities

Our full-motion and static digital billboards provide advertisers eye-catching opportunities that engage their target audiences. Additionally, our billboards offer advertisers the opportunity to dominate Mayo Clinic Square with a digital roadblock, lending 100% share of voice during prime-time drive times and providing continuous and flexible messaging. These major media events allow your brand to create memorable impressions while amplifying its presence during time-sensitive events. 

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