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Clear Channel OutdoorRADARSync

With RADARSync, we can integrate advertisers’ data and analytics platforms into the overall Clear Channel Outdoor RADAR suite of solutions.
Enhance planning and attribution with RADARSync

Enhance planning and attribution with RADARSync

For strategic audience planning, RADARSync allows us to onboard a customer’s data in a privacy-compliant way, using RADARView to segment our inventory based on its ability to most efficiently reach a customer’s specific audience targets.

For attribution, we use RADARSync to integrate our data with customers’ data and analytics platforms. We handle the data integrations in a privacy-compliant manner, and provide campaign insight analysis as a managed service. If a customer wants to measure out-of-home (OOH) as part of their omnichannel digital measurement and for multi-touch attribution, we pass anonymized and aggregated campaign ad exposure information into their analytics platform, allowing advertisers to understand not just how OOH performed, but also how it contributed to the overall campaign performance. This is an example of how we’re reinventing OOH buying to be more in line with how digital media is planned, purchased and measured.
Maximize your data integration with RADARSync, man in car looking out the window

Maximize your data integration with RADARSync

Working with proven identity resolution partners like LiveRamp and TransUnion along with innovative data clean rooms, we’ve future-proofed RADARSync to ensure compliance with rapidly evolving data privacy regulations and industry practices.

After a strategic consultation to ensure feasibility for your specific business needs, RADARSync can match our RADAR data with your first-, second- and/or third-party data, delivering analysis and recommendations tailored to your specific audience targets and goals. It allows our customers to understand not just whether their OOH campaigns delivered desired results, but also how OOH campaigns performed in the context of other measured media and how to drive even better performance in the future.

How RADARSync works

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We analyze aggregated and/or anonymous mobile location data and movement data to understand the consumer groups exposed to out-of-home.
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Next, the RADAR exposure data is matched with a customer’s data to identify those in the customer’s target audience that were exposed to out-of-home.
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We then analyze the behavior of this exposed audience to identify the best out-of-home solutions to reach these custom audience segments, while using the same approach to evaluate the impact of out-of-home and provide customized recommendations to optimize future campaign performance and activation.

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