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Clear Channel OutdoorRADARView

Develop dynamic out-of-home (OOH) campaigns with RADARView, our audience-driven planning solution.
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Use audience data to plan successful out-of-home campaigns

RADARView is an audience insights platform that includes a map-based interface that combines aggregated demographic data, behavioral insights, and location and proximity targeting to easily discover and select the out-of-home inventory that most efficiently delivers your desired audience.
Our teams ask the right questions to understand your business and use RADARView as a discovery tool to help guide campaign strategy and planning discussions. We gather information including how you define your customer, how your brand or business differs from your competition’s, where your business trading areas are, and more. Then with that knowledge about your business, our sales and marketing teams use RADARView to build you a custom plan.
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Gain greater efficiency in campaign planning

Plans can be built through a combination of behavioral audience data, demographic information, location proximity to a wide range of points of interest, the type of displays, and more. Simply put, RADARView’s flexibility helps us help our customers plan and deliver better audience-based out-of-home campaigns that have the greatest selection of OOH displays for the best likelihood of reaching the desired target audience segment. We identify Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO) inventory that has the highest concentration of specific audiences that align with a customer’s target, helping to create more impactful OOH plans.

How RADARView works:

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We identify audiences exposed to out-of-home using aggregated and/or anonymous mobile location data.
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Then, we analyze travel patterns and behaviors to understand places the audiences visited and routes they took along their journeys.
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We then create unique profiles for each location, showing how the audience for each OOH display aligns with nearly 4,500 audience segments.
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Finally, we pinpoint locations that best reach your desired audiences with our map-based platform.

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