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Auto repair chain attracts visitors with digital OOH

  • Nearly 5X increase in traffic to auto repair locations
  • 69% of the visits were within days of OOH exposure
  • OOH audiences drove longer distances to visit locations
Auto Repair


An Atlanta-based auto repair brand wanted to attract more customers to its locations around the market.


Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO) activated a digital bulletin campaign for the brand and layered on RADARView targeting to reach the advertiser’s custom audiences in proximity to their Atlanta-area locations. We used Digital Bulletins to execute the campaign, allowing advertisers the flexibility to dynamically change creative throughout the period the ads were running.


The campaign drove a strong lift in visits to the brand’s locations within days of exposure. Consumers also traveled a longer distance, with nearly half the visits coming from those consumers exposed to digital bulletins more than 10 miles away.
Visitation rates to repair shop locations graphic

Billboards drove nearly 5X increase in traffic

CCO RADAR solutions leverage aggregated and/or anonymous mobile location data to identify consumers exposed to out-of-home campaigns. Once exposed audiences visited an advertised repair shop, our data team analyzed their behavior versus those who had not seen the campaign. The results were clear—the billboard campaign helped the advertiser achieve its goal and drove a significant increase in foot traffic.

69% of the visits were within days of OOH exposure

By analyzing the visit data for those who had been exposed to the billboard campaign, we were able to identify the time between someone last seeing a Digital Bulletin and visiting the brand’s repair shop. The study found that 69% of exposed audiences visited their local dealerships within six days of seeing the OOH ad.

OOH audiences drove longer distances to visit locations

The campaign left a lasting impression on audiences and the study found nearly half of the consumers, 47%, who saw the billboards drove more than 10 miles to their local repair shop.
Source: CCO RADARProof, Cuebiq; October 2018

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