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Digital billboards drive online engagement for Twitch

  • 245% lift in monthly video views
  • 90% incremental lift in monthly active users
  • 168% increase in hours watched


Twitch was mounting its second annual Streamer Bowl tournament and wanted to drive gamers to the platform to watch the event. 


In order to reach gamers in the real world, the brand partnered with Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO), leveraging billboards in cities whose NFL stars were participating in the Streamer Bowl tournament. CCO then activated a campaign with hand-selected digital out-of-home (DOOH) units through direct buying, and an efficient programmatic overlay. The combination offered scale and reached football fans and gamers that were matched to their Twitch IDs via CCO RADARSync.  


The highly targeted combination of direct and programmatic buying for the DOOH campaign delivered significant lifts in monthly video views, monthly active users, and hours watched for Twitch’s Streamer Bowl event.

In addition, the campaign was recognized for "Best Use of Programmatic" by Adweek and won a MediaPost Online Media Marketing & Advertising (OMMA) Award. 
Clear Channel Outdoor Twitch Case Study Monthly video views graphic

245% lift in video views

The targeted campaign yielded a big time pay-off. Twitch users exposed to the outdoor ads were more likely to tune-in, resulting in a 245% lift in video views from those who saw the billboard campaign.

90% incremental lift in active users

Utilizing DOOH ads secured through a mix of programmatic and direct buying, and leveraging RADARSync to find the exact gamers they wanted to target, the brand experienced a 90% incremental lift in monthly active users on the platform among DOOH-exposed accounts

Incrementality helps us understand the extent to which advertising changes consumer behavior and drives new online actions. More than showing a campaign's effectiveness in driving users to a platform, incrementality reveals whether the campaign drove new or additional users to a platform.

168% increase in hours watched

As a result of the combined direct and programmatic DOOH campaign, the brand also saw an increase in time spent on the platform. There was a 168% increase in hours spent among those audiences who were exposed to the billboard campaign.
Source: CCO RADARSync; Twitch, February, 2021
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