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OOH + Mobile

OOH + mobile launches emerging brand, Gameday Vodka

  • 336% lift in organic search
  • 859% total increase in website traffic
  • 0.23% click-through rate (CRT) beat industry benchmark
Clear Channel Outdoor GameDay Vodka Orlando


Dubbed “An all-American vodka for the fans,” GameDay Vodka wanted to increase brand awareness and online engagement during football season, in key Florida markets.


Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO) activated a campaign utilizing RADARView to reach key audiences, and layered on proximity targeting to identify units near GameDay Vodka’s partner liquor stores and sporting venues. Featuring creative executions with home team-specific messaging, the campaign leveraged CCO RADARConnect to retarget out-of-home (OOH) exposed audiences. 


By leveraging RADARView and RADARConnect, GameDay Vodka was able to effectively reach its key consumers. As such, the campaign drove click-through rates (CTR) that beat the industry benchmark. And the widespread nature of the OOH campaign was instrumental in achieving one of the company’s primary objectives—increasing brand awareness. The campaign caught the attention of the Tampa Bay Host Committee, leading to the spirit brand’s designation as the exclusive pour of the Super Bowl LV Host Committee. The brand’s co-founder identified that action as “an unintended KPI.”

336% lift in organic search

The brand leveraged printed posters and digital displays in key Florida markets to achieve a 336% increase in organic search, as compared to the pre-campaign period. That kind of increase can be attributed to the halo effect characteristic of an OOH campaign that can drive offline-to-online responses with consumers on the go because they can immediately take action via their phones. The brand’s co-founder reported that the campaign was also responsible for driving lower-funnel conversions.

859% total increase in website traffic

The campaign delivered an 859% increase in website traffic. Sixty-two percent (62%) of the increased traffic can be attributed to a CCO RADARConnect mobile retargeting campaign. CCO RADARConnect is our campaign amplification solution designed to retarget OOH-exposed audiences. Using geofencing technology to capture data from mobile devices of people in the vicinity of billboards, CCO RADARConnect allows brands to serve follow-up, coordinated mobile ads to its target audiences.

0.23% CTR beat industry benchmark

With a click-through rate of 0.23%, the mobile retargeting campaign performed 2X the industry average. Exposing audiences to an ad on the scale delivered by OOH, then subsequently exposing them to a coordinated message on a mobile device, tends to drive significantly better performance.
Source: RADARConnect; Google Advertising Benchmarks; Ray Horal, Co-Founder and Tara Hyde, Digital Marketing Director, November, 2020
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