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DFW Holiday Bulletin

Billboard advertising drives holiday sales

The holiday season is fast approaching. Not only do an estimated 60% of US adults plan to travel for the holidays, but retail spending is expected to increase to over $1 trillion. Put your brand in front of traveling and spending consumers with Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO) billboard advertising.

Source: OAAA, The Harris Poll, 2023; eMarketer, 2023
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Take advantage of a busy travel season with billboard advertising

The holidays is one of the busiest travel seasons of the year. Engage with consumers as they walk, drive, fly, and ride this holiday season nationwide. Maximize your brand’s reach with large scale, captivating billboards along major roadways, pedestrian walkways, and commercial airports.

47% of US adults will travel over 500 miles round trip this holiday season

car seen from the front icon, Out-of-Home Impact

62% of US adults will travel by car this holiday season


59% of US adults will travel by plane this holiday season

Source: OAAA, The Harris Poll, 2023
Stella Rosa Bulletin

Reach your target customers where they travel

With 25% of adults shopping earlier than last year, CCO has you covered with dynamic out-of-home (OOH) solutions to speak directly to your target audience. Our diverse set of inventory, which includes a network of 70K+ billboard displays and other advertising opportunities in 29 roadside markets and 65 commercial airports nationwide, reaches over 122MM people each month. And not only is OOH scalable, but it also drives ROI. Every dollar spent on OOH generates an average of nearly $6 in product sales, making billboard advertising the perfect investment for advertisers during the holidays.

Source: Geopath OOH Ratings (P0+), 2022; Omnicom Benchmarking, OOH ROI & Optimization in Media Mix, 2017.

Get more holiday spirit with Clear Channel Outdoor

Celebrate the holidays with billboard advertising that uses big and bold messaging to convey your brand on both print and digital media.
Kroger Digital Bulletin

Digital OOH (DOOH) is fast, flexible, and perfect for holiday messaging

Because the holiday shopping season is already underway, we know marketers need to act fast to get messages in front of consumers primed to see them and to take action. Digital billboard advertising offers real-time audience engagement in highly visible, heavily traveled locations. At CCO, we offer 48-hour turnaround* on Digital Bulletins and no media production costs, making Digital Bulletins cost and time-efficient.

*Applies to digital OOH inventory. Subject to approved creative delivered by 4pm on a weekday. Exceptions apply. Consult with your CCO Account Executive for details.

Clear Channel Outdoor Playstation

OOH can boost your business this holiday season

Learn how CCO used billboard advertising and mobile to increase visits to Playstation retailers and generated awareness about a limited-time promotion in major DMAs nationwide. Additionally, our library of over 100 case studies demonstrates that OOH works when strategically executed for a variety of brands, verticals, and objectives. Get more with us this holiday season to achieve your brand’s goals based on our proven results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Holiday retail is expected to increase to $1.328 trillion in 2023 with brick-and-mortar retail raking in $1.067 trillion, while ecommerce gains $260.56 billion. Individually, nearly 4 in 10 consumers plan to spend more on gifts with significantly increased spend above $500. A whopping 28% will spend over $1,000. With that, most holiday shopping will be spent on clothing, technology products, toys, jewelry, perfume and cosmetics, shoes, and much more.

Not only are consumers spending more, but they’re shopping earlier, too. In fact, 25% of adults will shop earlier than last year, with the majority (38%) planning to start shopping as early as November.

Source: eMarketer, 2023; OAAA, The Harris Poll, 2023

Consumers responded most strongly to value or savings (87%), convenience and/or location (80%), and businesses supporting local community (64%).

Our dynamic digital billboard advertising opportunities affords advertisers to customize creative messaging quickly and flexibly. From flash sales to local messaging, digital bulletins provide brands to showcase interactive content like live updates, conditional updates, and even social media interaction to captivate and activate holiday consumers. Click here to learn more about our digital capabilities.

Source: OAAA, The Harris Poll, 2023

CCO is an industry leader in helping advertisers create and pivot campaign messaging. We offer creative capabilities that entertain, engage, and inform target audiences. With a full-service national and regional Creative Team, we work directly with clients and agencies of all sizes to help conceptualize, design and execute innovative OOH campaigns. 

Our creative team stands by a list of core best practices that all advertisers should consider when designing an OOH campaign.

  1. Use bold sans serif fonts because they’re easy to read
  2. Communicate one clear message to give consumers an “instant get”
  3. Apply white text on vibrant backgrounds to make copy stand out
  4. Use the full heigh of the billboard and take maximum advantage of the space
  5. Stick to seven words or fewer for a quick, easy read

Eager for more? Check out our Creative Solutions page for the full list.

With CCO’s diverse portfolio of captivating and innovative billboard products, we can help you start a campaign in a single market or nationwide. By starting a campaign with us, you have access to a range of inventory that allows your message to reach your target audience directly where they are. Click here to take a look at our diverse billboard advertising inventory.

We invite you to learn more about starting a campaign with us by contacting us. We’ll be in touch quickly, providing expert help and smart, customized solutions to get you started.

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Our local teams of sales representatives, marketers, and creatives are ready to help jumpstart your holiday campaigns with market research, competitive analysis, design, ideation, and campaign planning. Just complete the form to contact us.

Connect with your audience. Drive measurable results. Get more with Clear Channel Outdoor.

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