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Audience Targeting, Brand Awareness, Doctor Visits & Script Lift

Driving innovation for Pharma

  • Integrated Pharma brand’s target audiences for OOH planning
  • Raised consideration intent by 50%
  • Increased doctor visits by 20%
  • Increased new prescriptions for the category by 75%
  • Delivered a 76% lift in sales of the advertised brand
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A pharmaceutical company sought to build awareness and increase sales of a brand used to treat a specific, moderate-to-severe medical condition. 


Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO) leveraged our proprietary CCO RADAR suite of data-driven solutions, and our best-in-class data partners, Veeva Crossix and LiveRamp, to onboard the brand’s target audience into our RADARView platform for campaign planning. We further amplified the OOH campaign with a mobile retargeting campaign through RADARConnect. And finally, with RADARProof, we were able to measure brand awareness, doctor visits, and number of prescriptions issued.


The OOH campaign successfully drove brand awareness and further retargeting through mobile, increased visitations to a specialist, and also drove lift in prescriptions for the overall category and for the advertised drug.

OOH drove 50% lift in consideration intent

CCO RADARProof is our campaign measurement and attribution solution that allows us to observe consumer devices exposed to an OOH campaign. In this pharma study, we learned that the campaign effectively reached the target audience and influenced their intention to consider the product. Among those exposed to the OOH campaign, consideration intent was lifted by 50%.

Visits to specialty doctors rose 20%

The data we extract from CCO RADAR products underscore the effectiveness of a combined OOH + mobile campaign to drive additional engagement. This OOH + mobile campaign drove up visits to specialist by 20% among exposed audiences. 

OOH + mobile lifted conversions and drove up incremental sales

In addition, the data showed that audiences exposed to the OOH + mobile campaign helped to lift brand conversions by 76%, and pushed incremental sales up to 75%, in new patient prescriptions for the category.
Source: CCO RADAR; Kantar; Veeva Crossix, January, 2022
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