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Auto Visit Study

OOH increases traffic to local dealerships

  • Nearly 2X increase in dealership visits
  • OOH drove consumers to visit within a week of seeing ads
  • 66% increase in repeat visitors
Auto Dealership Traffic


An auto brand wanted to increase dealership visits in the San Diego market during its holiday promotional event.


Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO) built an efficient digital out-of-home (DOOH) plan using proximity targeting to reach customers within five miles of each dealership in the market. For this campaign, we used digital billboards to allow the dealership to change creative and customize messages based on weather, time of day, and other conditional triggers.


The DOOH campaign boosted traffic to local dealerships, created urgency around visits, and nearly doubled repeat visitors during the campaign period.
Auto Dealership increases traffic

Nearly 2X increase in dealership visits

Leveraging CCO RADAR solutions, our data team analyzed the behavior of audiences exposed to out-of-home (OOH) ads to look at frequency of exposure to OOH, visitation, and distance traveled. The study found an 82% increase in dealership visits among audiences who saw the OOH campaign, as compared to the control group.

36% visited within a week of seeing the OOH ads

Analyzing visit data of audiences exposed to the billboard campaign, we were able to identify the time between someone last seeing a billboard and visiting a dealership. The study found that more than one-third of consumers exposed to OOH visited their local dealerships within a week of seeing the OOH ad.

66% increase in repeat visits

Also, the study uncovered out-of-home’s lasting impact on audience behavior. Audiences exposed to OOH were more likely to visit a dealership more than once. In fact, the OOH campaign nearly doubled repeat visitors to local dealerships during the campaign period.
Source: CCO RADARProof, Cuebiq; January 2021

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