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The Cochran Firm

Using outdoor to effectively garner direct response in urban areas.

Company: The Cochran Firm
Product: Attorneys / Legal
Format: Posters

“Johnnie Cochran was a “people’s” lawyer. It makes all kinds of sense to advertise where people live. I can’t think of a better way to get to our market.”James Rolshouse - Managing Partner

The Challenge

The Cochran Firm Minnesota announced their presence to the Twin Cities legal community in late 2008. To make themselves known and to build business quickly, they needed an effective advertising campaign. Clear Channel Outdoor approached the Cochran Firm with an aggressive proposal to meet their advertising objectives. Many of the other big city, downtown law firms in the Twin Cities used radio and television advertising. To differentiate the Cochran Firm from their competitors and to dominate an ad medium, Outdoor advertising was chosen.

The Solution

Ad dollars originally intended for radio and television, were reallocated to Outdoor. A 52 week campaign of over 60 posters targeting urban areas was executed. This unique campaign allowed the Cochran Firm to geographically target the areas they needed while maintaining a ubiquitous presence. The artwork focused on a simple, direct response design.

The Results

The Cochran Firm Minnesota experienced an immediate and noticeable increase in business. Press articles about the firm’s advertising efforts by the StarTribune newspaper also came to fruition. Based on this initial success, a national Outdoor program for all of the affiliate Cochran Firms was discussed at their national meeting in March 2009.