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Pinellas Technical Education Centers

Digital outdoor drives enrollment up 30%.

Company: Pinellas Technical Education Centers
Product: Secondary Education
Format: Digital Billboards

“Public response to the ads was excellent. We surveyed all of our new incoming students. More than 20% said they saw the boards.” Cheryl Guldenschuh, Information Specialist

The Problem

PTEC needed to increase awareness of their various programs among the age 16-25 demographic in order to boost enrollment numbers.

The Plan

The Pinellas Digital Network was the perfect answer for PTEC. The flexibility of digital allowed PTEC to feature an unlimited number of design variations to showcase their different programs, as well as open house event dates for new students. The campaign ran on a halfslot schedule on all five digital boards throughout Pinellas County.

The Results

PTEC saw enrollment increase 30% as a result of the digital campaign.