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St. Paul College

Using the power of bulletins and posters to drive open house attendance.

Company: St. Paul College
Product: Secondary Education
Format: Bulletins

“The billboard program was the backbone of our open house campaign. Without this media partner we would not have had the attendance of over 800 people. We will use outdoor again next year.” Jim Stumme - Marketing & Public Relations Director, Saint Paul College

The Challenge

Established in 1910, Saint Paul College is a two-year community and technical college. The challenge for this campaign was to drive attendance to an early November open house event for potential students targeting the upcoming school year.

The Solution

To reach as many potential students as possible, four high profile bulletins and eight targeted posters were displayed from September 2009 to November 2009.

The Results

Outdoor was a significant component to their successful campaign. Shattering expectations of a mere 300 attendees, over 800 people attended their open house event in early November, making it a huge success.