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Times Square Virtual Dunk Tank

Delivering complex and dynamic executions.

Clear Channel Spectacolor’s objective was to step above the fray and demonstrate to clients how advanced their products and services were, while, at the same time, showing marketers how to make their investment work harder for them.

Company: Clear Channel Spectacolor
Product: Dunk Tank
Format: HD Digital Display
Daily active participants: 18,000 (average)
Total active participants: 1,620,000 (over 3 months)
Estimated social media impressions: 1,500,000 (over 3 months) Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

“Clear Channel Spectacolor can deliver complex and dynamic executions.”

The Concept

Dunk Tank was created as a self promotional, experiential, advertising campaign showcasing how digital billboards are interacting with social media and using gesture recognition innovations. Created and produced in partnership with Juxt Interactive, the idea was to transform the medium into a new form of advertainment – and it absolutely did.

The Excecution

Introduced to the world on Memorial Day Weekend 2012, “Times Square Dunk Tank” made a major impression and forever stamped in our clients’ minds “Clear Channel Spectacolor can deliver complex and dynamic executions.” Dunk Tank continued to play throughout the summer to enormously receptive crowds. The experience traveled beyond NYC through a Facebook contest, calling on participants nationwide to compete for a chance to get “dunked” on the big screen in Times Square over Labor Day weekend. This would serve as the conclusion to the wildly popular campaign, with the winner being announced to the world.

The Results

Dunk Tank is being hailed as the most cutting edge example of the ability to turn advertising into interactive entertainment. The campaign has attracted millions of active participants across Times Square, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This technology showcase provides Clear Channel Spectacolor the unique opportunity to present their capabilities to the advertising and media community who seek to push the creative limits of what’s possible on a digital platform.