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Edina Realty

Responding to the market using the flexibility of digital.

Company: Edina Realty
Product: Real Estate Company
Format: Digital Billboards

“Edina Realty is known as a leader in technology. The fact that these boards are digital and new to market made this a perfect fit for our advertising needs and reinforced our commitment to using the latest technology to reach consumers. The greatest benefit to using digital boards versus static is the ability to change our message within 24 hours. We can be responsive to the market as well as advertise special promotions in a way that wasn’t possible with outdoor advertising in the past.” Lynn Clare - VP Marketing, Edina Realty

The Challenge

As the maturation of the Internet came to fruition, Edina Realty saw an opportunity to capture the attention of a younger Gen X/Y home buyer through a revamped company website. With the continued decline of newspaper readership, Edina Realty knew they had to find a better way to build awareness with their new target audience. Ironically, Outdoor, a medium they had once written off two years previously, came to the rescue.

The Solution

Clear Channel Outdoor approached Edina Realty with an opportunity to utilize their new state of the art Digital Outdoor Network. Edina Realty uses the DON to promote open houses during the weekends and drive consumers to their website during the week by showcasing the features of their online presence.

The Results

After two months of advertising on the Digital Outdoor Network, Edina Realty recorded a significant jump in number of visitors to their Website. In January, after using Outdoor as the leading media vehicle for the campaign, the increase in on-line traffic to their Open House directory tripled from December 2006 and doubled from their peak time in October 2006.