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Worthington National Bank

Worthington National Bank has 5 million reasons to love Out of Home advertising.

Company: Worthington National Bank
Product: Financial Institution
Format: Bulletins

“The billboards we put up advertising our responsible banking practices were an incredible success. They led to multiple stories in local media outlets, including both print sources and multiple television stations. Our return on the investment was excellent.”Greg Morse CEO, Worthington National Bank

The Objective

Worthington National Bank, like most other banks has a public relations problem to overcome. The aspect of “Big Banks” misusing government and public funds has painted the banking industry into a dark corner.

The Plan

A branding campaign to tell the Fort Worth public what Worthington National Bank brings to the table that is different than the other “Big Banks” out there on the news.

The Results

Worthington National Bank gained over $5 million in new deposits as a direct result of the outdoor campaign with Clear Channel Outdoor. The campaign also garnered additional media attention from various print and television outlets including an interview with the CEO on a local station about the success of the campaign.