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Corona Light

Multimedia campaign integrates Facebook with digital billboard to position Corona Light as the “most liked” light beer in America.

Company: Corona
Product: Corona Light Beer
Format: Digital Spectacular

Corona launched a multimedia campaign to highlight its brand through the use of social, mobile and digital outdoor mediums. Corona Light fans had the excitement of having their face debut in New York City’s iconic Times Square via the SpectacolorHD digital billboard by simply hitting the “like” button on the Facebook fan page and uploading a photo of themselves. Each photo ran for about four seconds, allowing for a maximum of 20,000-plus unique photos per week. Each photo displayed on the screen was captured by Clear Channel Spectacolor’s high resolution web cam and sent back to fans. Corona demonstrated the highest level of digital advertising engagement by very publicly thanking its fans, building up its Facebook page numbers and grabbing the attention of more than 500,000 people daily in Times Square. With its unique out-of-home marketing resources in major pedestrian destinations such as Times Square, Clear Channel Spectacolor engages consumers with an immersive brand experience and creates impressions that transcend traditional boundaries.