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Using rotary bulletins to make an impact in the highly competitive hospitality industry.

Company: Kemps
Product: Dairy Products
Format: Rotary Bulletins

“Kemps has used outdoor advertising in the Twin Cities for over 20 years. Consumers play back strong unaided awareness for the Kemps campaign delivered via rotary bulletins. I believe our “Kemps. It’s the Cows” outdoor campaign has become iconic and effectively drives brands sales.” Rachel Kyllo - Vice President Marketing

The Challenge

Kemps is a local dairy company that manufactures and markets milk, ice cream and related dairy products. The challenge was to remain top of mind with the brand and product in a competitive retail segment.

The Solution

Kemps has purchased a permanent location on one of the busiest freeways in the Minneapolis/St. Paul market. To further support their brand, they have a six month rotary campaign in the market. Bulletins are a great fit because of their high reach and ability to touch the majority of the marketplace during their six month campaign. The advertising messages focused on launching new products and reinforcing the iconic Kemps brand.

The Results

Kemps has received frequent recognition for a number of successful first to market product launches including Kemps Frozen Yogurt, Kemps Yo-J, and Kemps Squeezable Sour Cream. They continue to hold and expand their share of market in the Twin Cities.