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The Naked Grouse

Using the power of outdoor to introduce a new product to the market.

Company: The Naked Grouse
Product: Alcoholic Beverage
Format: Bulletin

“For the coverage we received it really was the perfect medium for a new product introduction. We are also very excited to roll out our Digital winter program!” Anna Paulson - Fielding Staff Manager, Innova Marketing

The Challenge

Minneapolis was chosen as an initial test market to introduce The Naked Grouse, a new scotch whiskey. The challenge was to provide immediate and broad product awareness throughout Hennepin County, the largest county in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

The Solution

Working closely with a Clear Channel Outdoor account executive, a highprofile bulletin location was displayed right in the heart of Minneapolis. This location produced exceptionally high circulation numbers for the short term four week flight.

The Results

The Naked Grouse marketing team said that many people mentioned seeing the billboard. They were so pleased with the results that they extended their outdoor program by 4 additional weeks and are planning to continue with Clear Channel Outdoor throughout the upcoming months.