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WPOI/HOT 101.5

Digital Out of Home boosts radio station ratings background.

Company: WPOI/HOT 101.5
Product: Radio Station
Format: Digital Billboards

“The use of digital billboards was the key marketing component in the launch of WPOI and was a great tool to welcome the new product into the market” Mike Oliviero, Cox Media Group Tampa

The Challenge

Cox Radio was launching a brand new Top 40 radio station, WPOI/HOT 101.5. WPOI would go head to head with one of the highest ranked stations in the market. They needed a quick, effective way to make an immediate splash in the market and drive listeners to try the new station.

The Solution

The new station launched on July 4th with the help of 20 digital boards across the Tampa Bay area. With digital, the station could feature branding messages, promotions, and feature songs and artists as they played on the station in real time.

The Results, a radio and music industry website, called the station’s fast ratings climb a “meteoric rise.” In just one month, HOT 101.5 had become the market’s #1 Top 40 station, overtaking the competing market leader.