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Trinity Baptist Church

Trinity Baptist Church welcomes increased awareness with digital OOH

Company: Trinity Baptist Church
Product: Community Church
Format: Digital Billboards

“In addition to anecdotal mentions of the visibility of the billboard, We tracked 100 direct responses to our custom URL. These responses would have come exclusively from our billboard and direct mail campaign.” Daniel Riddick Director of Communications, Trinity Baptist Church

The Challenge

In previous years, Trinity Baptist Church had used only direct mail advertising to spread the word about their Easter Sunday services. In 2012, they were searching for ways to increase the awareness of these ceremonies while still implementing their direct mail campaign.

The Solution

Trinity Baptist Church wanted to focus on geo-demographic targeting, which allowed them to effectively reach their intended audience where they work, live and commute. The way that Trinity Baptist utilized their familiar direct mail approach coupled with a digital billboard campaign allowed for the message of their services to reach and remind their current congregation as well as other religious individuals. The creative objective was to appeal to a modern family with dramatic yet rustic feel. The effective feeling of “welcome” in this advertisement is due to the simple shapes and easy-to-read text while the color palette and the sunrise in the background allow for a more emotional response. The Out of Home campaign consisted of one digital board for one week leading up to Easter Sunday.

The Results

The results of the Easter Sunday campaign were outstanding. The Out of Home campaign showed solid increases in the levels of awareness with some aid from the direct mailings.