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Dixie's Restaurant

Using posters to create immediate awareness and drive restaurant traffic.

Company: Dixie's Restaurant
Product: Restaurant
Format: Posters

“We have advertised in the past in newspaper, radio, direct mail, and we were never sure how effective it was. But with our outdoor poster program, we generated new business right after the billboard went up. No customer had ever mentioned our ad before. We belive that outdoor is a very affordable and effective way to advertise.” LeAnn Geisler - Owner/General Manager, Dixie’s Restaurant

The Challenge

Dixie’s Restaurant is an established restaurant in the heart of Grand Avenue, a popular night time hot spot in St. Paul, MN. Their challenge was to create reminder awareness for their restaurant and to advertise their outdoor patio and banquet room availability.

The Solution

One poster was placed within a half mile of the restaurant’s location for four weeks, twice a year in the summer and fall.

The Results

Increased traffic to the restaurant, an increase in reservations, and restaurant patrons specifically asked for the drink shown on the billboard creative.