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Nokomis Shoe Shop

Using Posters, Nokomis Shoe Shop’s sales increased at both store locations.

Company: Nokomis Shoe Shop
Product: Shoe Stores
Format: Posters

“It was a great success! We definitely had a lot of customers comment on the boards. We even sold out of the Wolverine boot that was advertised! We plan on expanding next year.” Steve Negaard - Owner, Nokomis Shoe Shop

The Challenge

To increase retail sales for the fourth quarter by maximizing the effectiveness of their advertising budget.

The Solution

This was Nokomis Shoe Shop’s second time using outdoor advertising. Pleased with the results from their first outdoor campaign, Nokomis Shoe Shop increased their footprint from eight posters in 2008 to sixteen posters in 2009. In an effort to maximize their advertising budget, Nokomis Shoe Shop worked directly with their Clear Channel Outdoor account executive to secure co-op dollars from three different suppliers. Nokomis’ sixteen poster locations were then strategically placed in high retail areas of Minneapolis, as well as near their two store locations.

The Results

Nokomis Shoe Shop’s sales increased at both store locations. Pleased with their outdoor campaign for the second year in a row, Nokomis Shoe Shop plans to increase their presence even further in 2010.