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Clear Channel Outdoor Chicago Metra Station

Commuter Hubs& Rails

Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO) provides advertising opportunities in commuter hubs and on rails in high-visibility business districts as well as in some entertainment and retail spaces. Our displays and signage opportunities are in some of the largest urban markets where we operate, including Boston, Chicago, Milwaukee, San Diego, and San Francisco.
Clear Channel Outdoor Boston South Station

Maximize your exposure with a stationwide campaign

Have a story to tell that you don’t want consumers to miss? How about a takeover of one of CCO’s exclusive commuter hubs in some of the top national markets? We have station domination opportunities in multiple markets, where only your ads can appear, making your message unmissable. With our extensive network of displays at major commuter hubs, we have the ability to help you blanket the entire terminal with your message and make a lasting impression on your target audience. 

San Francisco 3rd Street Platform Boston South Station

Boston South Station

Boston South Station is the number one busiest train hub in New England and the number one station in Boston for subway riders. Located in the financial epicenter and the vibrant seaport district, where culture, industry, and community converge, South Station is Boston’s premier advertising venue. And it’s a Clear Channel exclusive advertising opportunity, reaching thousands of commuters, travelers, shoppers, and diners each day. Take over the commuter arrival experience with Spectacular units at the entrance. Drive brand connections with our interactive full-motion displays. Captivate travelers entering the station from the subway, with big, bold displays on the walls and cascading over staircases. Much of this inventory is programmatically enabled.

Explore Boston South Station
Clear Channel Outdoor 500 W Madison

Chicago Metra: Ogilvie Transportation Center, 500 W. Madison St.

Spread your message to the more than 200K commuters each week who travel through the Ogilvie Transportation Center at 500 W. Madison St. in Chicago. With the opportunity to advertise on more than 40 state-of-the-art digital displays, some full-motion, to our ability to allow you to blanket the entire station with you brand message, we’re ready to help you reach your desired audience. And don’t discount displays in the food court. Eateries inside the station are busy and popular, drawing people during non-rush hour timeframes. Displays in the food court reach high-value audiences with extended dwell time.

Source: Metra Ridership Dataset, 2022

Clear Channel Outdoor Milwaukee intermodal

Milwaukee Intermodal Station

With over 1.3MM travelers annually, the Milwaukee Intermodal Station presents the opportunity to reach local and regional audiences in a single buy. As the exclusive advertising media partner with over 15 OOH units, advertising at the Intermodal Station is an optimal way to reach affluent commuters and travelers alike. Home to Amtrak lines that serve Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Portland, and Seattle, as well as local and regional bus services like Greyhound, Coach, and others, CCO’s Intermodal Station opportunities connect your brand with highly engaged audiences at key points in their daily journeys.

Source: Wisconsin Department of Transportation; Amtrak

Clear Channel San Francisco 3rd Street Platform

San Francisco 3rd Street Platform

This light-rail platform offers advertisers state-of-the-art digital and printed outdoor displays in Mission Bay’s vibrant waterfront district. It’s located directly across from the Chase Center, the home of the Golden State Warriors and renowned UCSF Medical Center. With 16 printed and six digital displays, you can take over this platform with 100% share of voice. 

Discover more opportunities with Commuter Rails

Clear Channel Outdoor Beyond Station

Take your message beyond the station

In San Diego, we offer solutions for train advertising, both inside and outside the train cars. In San Diego, we can help you wrap your message on train cars from three separate rail lines. Whether you want your message racing across the California coastline or front and center where Midwest commuters can see it, we have advertising solutions to fit your needs.

San Diego Rail Wraps

Spread your message far and wide across the San Diego area from Oceanside down to Tijuana. With captivating wraps on the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) Trolley, North County Transit District (NCTD) Coaster, and NCTD Sprinter lines, our media can help make your presence known in California’s second-largest city, boasting 35MM annual visitors.

Source: sandiego.gov

Explore CCO’s commuter inventory nationwide:

Boston, MA (Hub) • Chicago, IL (Hub) • Milwaukee, WI (Hub) • San Diego, CA (Rails) • San Francisco, CA (Hub)

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