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Clear Channel Outdoor transit shelter

Transit &Showcase Shelters™

Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO) Transit Shelters offer a unique and powerful advertising opportunity for brands to get their messages across to valuable audiences while they’re shopping, commuting, and socializing. Additionally, with our exclusive Showcase Shelter product, available in five CCO markets, we offer bespoke designs that really make your creative messages pop.
Clear Channel Outdoor transit shelter

A great way to reach metropolitan audiences

CCO sets itself apart with our extensive inventory of Transit Shelters across key markets nationwide, providing a truly scalable and effective advertising solution to complement your entire outdoor campaign. We can help you impact consumers in desirable areas of the market near social spaces, retail centers, business districts, and distinguished neighborhoods. These units are also a great option to concentrate your message in densely populated areas of your target market where other out-of-home OOH coverage is often limited or unavailable. 
Clear Channel Outdoor transit shelter

Transit Shelters

Available in both digital and printed configurations, the curbside positioning of CCO’s Transit Shelter inventory in high-impact markets provides heightened visibility among pedestrians and motorists. These units are great for short-term campaigns that require rapid consumer awareness and maintain high visual exposure throughout the day and night using backlit illumination. Transit Shelters are also a great way to enhance your overall OOH media plan by capturing these captive audiences on their day-to-day journeys. 
Showcase Shelter LA

Showcase Shelters

Clear Channel Outdoor’s Showcase Shelters provide an immersive, customized, street-level advertising experience that allows your consumers to get up close and personal with your brand. We can help you engage your audience with impactful, eye-catching creative presentations located in densely populated urban centers and areas with heavy foot and commuter traffic. These premium shelters afford you the ability to add optional 3D extensions, lighting effects, or other custom enhancements. What’s more, you can plan and buy based on locations or based on the nearly 4,500 behavioral audiences.
CCO RADAR and Measurement

CCO RADAR & programmatic capabilities

Make measurement a key part of your billboard advertising plan. Our proprietary CCO RADAR suite of solutions uses aggregated and/or anonymous mobile location data to help you plan, optimize, and measure your outdoor advertising campaigns. With nearly 4,500 audience profiles and insights into their daily habits, we help brands connect with consumers at the right time and the right place. RADAR unlocks the true potential of billboards, driving measurable campaign performance with actionable results. In addition, our digital Transit Shelters can be purchased programmatically in-sync with your omnichannel campaign. Our programmatic team will work with you to transact via private marketplace or open exchange in a biddable, auction-based format via cross-channel Demand Side Platforms (DSP). Optimize in real time based on audiences, reach, budget, etc., and measure results for your campaign goals ranging from visitation, product sales, online behavior, and more.
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*Only Transit Shelters available

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